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We draw sprites, talk sprites, ancestors and realistic art! Just submit your fantroll and say what you want drawn.

Submissions are currently CLOSED. They'll open when we're ready; asking when they open will only serve to make the mods annoyed at you.

Please, please, we can't stress this enough, please check the FAQ before asking questions!

Are you taking Kernelsprite and talksprite requests atm?

//Kernalsprites, yes! Might take a bit longer, but that’d be fine.//

//Talksprites… ehhh. Seeing as I seem to be the only one here, the submit isn’t opening anytime soon for the good of everyone, and I don’t particularly like working with bases for talksprites, it’d probably be wiser to wait for another mod to get off hiatus. If you have a reference posted and don’t mind u talksprites looking something like this


though, then we may be in business! //

- Rhy

:c sorry guys no not right now.  If it’s okay with the other mods, I’m going to open submit during my two weeks of off-hiatus, around October 18th, but until then you might have to wait!

- paprika

May I please have Aradia's dream self dress without the holes? Thank you :)


// Not sure if you still need it, but here you are, anon! Background’s transparented for you to use at your leisure. //


// Apparently today’s Aradia day. I saw a request for her bang area as well, so here we go.//

// The orange portion is marked off to suggest her horn placement! They’re both on one png, so just pick one and go, I suppose. //

Hello, hello! Are you taking fantroll art requests atm?

No, we’re not, sorry- we’ll announce when submit is open, but the way things are going right now, it seems like there might be a while :/  check out our affiliates for some other blogs you can try!

- paprika

// That said, if you have smaller things you’d like to request, I’d be all for it! Some of the stuff we have in drafts is… uh, very, very old. I’m not sure if those who initially made the requests would still have any desire for them at this point, so I’ll probably just be going through and doing sprite assets and the like. Maybe small doodles if you have a reference of a troll you want drawn. > v o //

- Rhy


//man it’s been some time since i’ve been here let me tell you holy shit//

// anyhoo, hello! name’s rhy. i’ve been on hiatus for… uh, a very, very long time. I can’t exactly say I’m back, because that would be Lying, but I’ve been in a mood to art fantrolls lately so I might push through a few of the things we have sitting around in the box in my spare time. My skills are a bit rusty, and i don’t own a tablet or anything so fancy, but uh

something is better than nothing, right? right. //

// anyway, see y’all around! hope you have a nice day. > u o)b //

Rhy, oh my goodness, we’ve missed you around here!!  Welcome back to ftar!  

Not of the blog, but just me.  I’m spending a year abroad and I honestly don’t have the time or ability to draw while I’m here.  Hopefully the other mods will be able to, but for now I can do administrative stuff but no drawing.  My sincerest apologies to all!

- paprika

A reminder that requests are currently CLOSED.  We will probably just be deleting any that are sent in while they continue to be closed.  Our apologies.

- paprika

oh jesus i am shaking h-hey you guys are super cool and doyouwanttoaffiliatewithmyblogmaybeeventhoughi'mtheonlymod hahahaha yeaaahhhhh but the mascot is Fef so that's cool right hahaha

Absolutely!  Guys, go give this brand new shiny fantroll review blog some love (and some fantrolls!)

- paprika


The completed costume! Finally done sewing this monstrosity!

If any Ohioan followers are going to be at the Geneva medieval faire (medievalfaire.com is the website) this weekend, I’ll be around on Saturday looking vaguely like this!

In conclusion: I learned a whole lot making this thing and overall I’d say it was definitely fun, but if I were doing it again I would do a LOT of things completely differently.  Also, I look rad in red lipstick.

Not incredibly relevant, but if anyone happens to be going I’d love to meet you guys!  Also, now that I’m not sewing my ass of 24/7 to finish this, I should have enough time to finish what’s in drafts and open submit again before I leave!

- paprika

Hi guys, I love your blog. But we kind of need a favor. We're a fantroll/fankid and god tier ask blog but we're doing a fan session (hence this blog's name) and we're hoping you guys could help us get the word out that we're recruiting right now for that fan session, and we'd love anyone with fan trolls or kids to come and apply. If you could do that, it would be awesome. Stay gold! -Mod K

Absolutely!! Guys, this fansession looks super great, and if anyone has a troll and wants to be part of a session, I’d definitely suggest you go apply go apply!

- paprika

Hello, I submitted a couple trolls to get talksprites quite a long time ago. In fact I think it was last year... Might I ask what happened to them??

Hello!  Your talksprites were claimed by mod Erin and are still sitting in drafts :s We’re sorry!  We’ll do our best to get them finished ASAP.

- paprika